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Focal Upright Furniture

Work Better. Live Better.

A decade in development, Locus takes the upright desk to a new level through its positional stool-height seat that guarantees a completely neutral posture in between seated and standing.

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Focal Upright Furniture Locus Seat

Focal Upright Furniture Locus Seat
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Focal Upright Furniture Mogo

Focal Upright Furniture Mogo
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Focal Locus Workstation

The new Locus workstation from Focal lets you rock the day job in a posture halfway between standing and sitting. Designed to move with you, encourage active engagement, and allow your creative juices to flow. A pivoting leg adjusts instinctively to every move you make allowing Locus to support your natural balancing point. The patent pending design keeps your body active and brain engaged, stimulating blood and oxygen flow. It’s about achieving a mental clarity rarely felt while sitting, activating the body to keep up with the mind. Kinetic yet balanced.

Our story

Always on the lookout for ways to improve the function and utility of objects around him, Martin Keen, industrial designer and founder of Keen Footwear, has now applied his utilitarian aesthetic to the modern workplace. Focal

Keen developed the line of upright furniture after using standing desks in his own studio. Standing was tiring and he soon found himself leaning against a modified seat. Using an old tall tractor seat tipped forward, Keen began leaning while working. He suddenly realized he was no longer aware of posture – he was simply energized and focused on his creative work.

“There is a place between standing and sitting where our body wants to be. It’s a natural and neutral posture and it just feels right.”

Research into the new phenomenon of “sitting disease” confirmed that this was a major improvement on the office cubicle. Keen hopes that launching Focal Upright Furniture will revolutionize the office furniture industry in the same way his footwear designs have changed the shoe industry. The new Focal Upright Office is designed to change the way we work.

Sitting Disease

Sitting disease is epidemic. You spend a third of your life at work, behind your desk and on your butt. Studies have proven that many small movements throughout the day lead to better health and that being upright is better for you. Experts such as Galen Cranz, PhD. and others, have suggested that a “perched posture” ( middle image below) is ideal. This is the posture achieved when using the Focal Locus seat. Focal

Right-angle seating produces a C-shaped spine. Perching is halfway between sitting and standing, but retains the postural advantages of standing - the S-shaped spine.

Drawing by Denise Hall, reprinted from The Chair Rethinking Culture, Body, and Design - Galen Cranz, PhD., W.W. Norton & Co., (1998), page 134.

Sitting too much is just plain bad for you, but don’t take our word for it. Well-respected medical doctors have been reporting on the dangers of prolonged sitting for years. Check out the following recent research:

- The Lancet, Effect of physical inactivity on major non-communicable diseases worldwide, Lee, IM, Shiroma, EJ, Lobelo, F, Puska, P, Blair, SN, Katzmarzyk, PT.

- Archives of Internal Medicine, Sitting time and all-cause mortality risk in 222,497 Australian adults, Van der Ploeg, HP, Chey, T, Korda, RJ, Banks, E, Bauman, A.

- Current Opinion in Cardiology, Prolonged sitting: is it a distinct coronary heart disease risk factor? Dunstan, DW, Thorp, AA, Healy, GN.

In developing Focal, Martin Keen continues his pursuit of re-imagining our interface with the environment, combining an intuitive sense of what is needed with a designer’s instinct for form and material.

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